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Our innovative award-winning designs have set a new standard for inground pool liners. These designs are in high demand and must for the portfolio of premium pool liners.

Pool Liner Collection

Calm Waters

Calm Waters Collection
  1. Sapphire on Bahama – Pale Blue
  2. new Barcelona on Bahama – Pale Blue
  3. new Ravenna – Pale Blue
  4. new Tangier on Ravenna – Pale Blue
  5. new Catalina on Ravenna – Pale Blue
  6. new Riptide – Pale Blue

Beachy Dreams

Beachy Dreams Collection
  1. Argos – Del Caribe Tan
  2. Pedra Fe – De Caribe Tan

Shimmering Seas

Collection Shimmering Seas
  1. new Bella Marble – Dark Grey
  2. Seaglass – Pale Blue

Crystal Shores

Crystal Shores Collection
  1. new Corinth on Sparkling Seas – Pearl White
  2. Midas – Pearl White
  3. Catalina on Sparkling Seas – Pearl White

Dramatic Depths

Dramatic Depths Collection
  1. new Santorini – Brilliant Blue
  2. Agra on Bahama – Brilliant Blue
  3. Mosaic Wave on Bahama – Brilliant Blue
  4. Diamond Deco – Brilliant Blue

Data Driven to Maximize Success

Rising stars or flops? The concern of every fabricator/distributor. Our extensive marketing research resources vet candidate patterns against verified pool liner audiences. Most don't make the cut, but the ones that do continually become the best sellers in our partners' portfolios.

Product Benefits

  • Beautiful Patterns: Patterns and colors to delight and beautify your backyard.
  • Built to Last: Continental Pool Liners, are engineered to take on the sun and pool chemicals.
  • Made In The USA: Our vinyl pool liners are built with pride in Winchester, Virginia.

Care & Maintenance

Our engineered pool liners are designed to take on the elements. But to keep your customer’s pool looking its best we provide the following guides that you can use on your website or printed materials. Created by Continental’s engineering services team, these documents will demonstrate best practices for keeping your Continental Pool Liner looking great and lasting for years.