Diaphragms - flat and shaped - are used in fuel supplying systems

  • controlling fuel flow through
  • damping vibration and pressure peaks
  • separating and transporting liquids and gases

Other applications include brakes, air condition, EGR and sound - engineering.

Supply engineering

In gas, water and air condition engineering (supply engineering) our diaphragm and elastomer coated fabrics perform key functions that ensure the comfort and well being of people. They contribute to the production of heat and hot water in private households as well as industrial settings. From generating energy to transporting and consumption, our diaphragms are used in various assemblies, such as actuators, pumps, pressure regulators and gas meters.

Medical equipment

Measuring and controlling highly sensitive procedures: thin but flexible diaphragms are ideal for this function in many applications. In medical equipment, e.g. in infusion pumps, the inclusion of protective diaphragms makes a contribution to protecting and saving life.

Aviation and aerospace industry

We also supply the aviation and aerospace industries with diaphragm materials. With our well organized quality management, we are approaching our target of zero - defect quality. This means extra reliability for our customers and for us.