Benova® Eco Protect

For sustainable and durable interior designs

Benova® Eco Protect is Continental’s new premium surface material for greater sustainability, durability and comfort in vehicle interiors.

Benova® Eco Protect

Durable and completely on trend

Specially developed for premium applications in vehicle interiors that make the highest requirements in quality and performance, Benova® Eco Protect offers outstanding aging resistance and lightfastness combined with a particularly soft feel and sense of luxury.

Thanks to its excellent heat and UV resistance, Benova® Eco Protect also withstands special environmental influences in the vehicle interior caused by high temperatures and strong solar radiation. This makes the material particularly durable and also offers new possibilities for interior design trends. This is especially true with regard to the use of light colors on demanding surfaces.


Sustainable and responsible

PCF Label

On the road to sustainable vehicle interiors, Benova® Eco Protect represents an important milestone in product development.

The innovative material is particularly resistant, making it extremely durable. By consistently avoiding any critical ingredients, plasticizers and solvents, the material is particularly low in emissions and odors and has a low Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)*.

Benova® Eco Protect also offers a weight advantage of approximately 20 percent and is free of materials of animal origin. In addition, the resource-conserving and energy-efficient production process makes a positive contribution to the vehicle’s eco-balance.


German Innovation Award Winner

German Innovation Award

The German Innovation Award honors innovative achievements that break new ground through their added value. The prize is awarded by the German Design Council.

A distinguished panel of judges selected Benova® Eco Protect as the winner from among 640 entries as an innovation that advances the industry through its originality, implementation and effectiveness.

Benova® Eco Protect received the coveted award in the “Excellence in Business to Business” class in the Materials & Surfaces category.


Product Benefits

  • Unique quality and comfort, thanks to its particularly soft feel
  • Excellent aging resistance and fastness to light for both light and dark colors
  • Excellent heat and UV resistance
  • Has low product carbon footprint (PCF)*
  • Free of materials of animal origin, plasticizers, solvents and other critical ingredients
  • Particularly low in emissions and odor
  • 20 percent weight saving on comparable materials
  • High design flexibility

Material Construction

  • Construction: Cover Material
  • Thickness: 0.9 mm – 4.3 mm
  • Applications: Instrument Panel, Door/Side/center Console, Seat Cover/Headrest
  • Backing: Textile, Polyurethane Foam, Sandwich Foam/ Spacer Fabrics
  • Processing Method: Cut & Sew, Bonding, Back Injection Moulding


1. Lacquer Finish

2. Compact Layer

3. Foam Layer

4. Textile Backing


*GWP100 values are calculated according to CT-SSL-GWP-Calculation standard version 01 as carbon dioxide equivalent using the relevant 100-year global warming potential. Evaluation is based on life cycle assessments (LCA) using databases like GaBi. The model is based on the greenhouse gas (GHG) protocol standard and following ISO 14067:2018. Considered life cycle phases: Cradle-to-gate (Scope 1,2,3) + End-of-life. Future, more precise calculation will allow higher degree of differentiation and therefore might lead to divergent results.