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 Storage Area/Shelfs

Storage Area & Shelfs

Surface Materials for Storage Areas & Shelfs

    Product Range

    • Beneron®

      Environmentally friendly and cost-effective compact foil.

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    • DecoJect®

      DecoJect® is the low-cost alternative to painted injection molding.

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    • Xpreshn®

      Thermoplastic moldable surface material Xpreshn® - for high-quality vehicle interiors on an environmentally friendly basis.

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    • Xpreshn® Lux
      Xpreshn® Lux

      Foam Laminate: Improved scratch resistance and restorability.

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    • Xpreshn® Protect
      Xpreshn® Protect

      Compact foil/foam laminate: Up to 100% improvement in scratch resistance.

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    • Xpreshn HD®
      Xpreshn HD®

      Xpreshn HD® is lightweight and environmentally friendly.

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    • Xpreshn HD® Light
      Xpreshn HD® Light

      Xpreshn HD® Light is ultra-lightweight: It offers weight reductions of up to 25% and superior grain stability.

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    • Xpreshn HD® Protect
      Xpreshn HD® Protect

      Xpreshn HD® Protect: Superior resistance to scratches and excellent grain stability; free from halogens and plasticizers.

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    • Yorn®

      Yorn®, the environmentally friendly and cost-effective foam foil for use as a surface material for interior decoration.

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    • Yorn® Light
      Yorn® Light

      Yorn® Light: Weight-reduced foam laminate. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

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