Acella® Hylite

The translucent Acella® Hylite surface material allows the creation of special light effects and therefore contributes to improvements in road safety.


  • Door/Side Panel
  • Center Console


Product Benefits

  • Ambient light for emotional accents and fascinating backlit surfaces in vehicle interiors
  • Unilluminated appearance: non-transparent with grain according to customers’ requirements and in various colors
  • Light fastness and heat stable up to 90 °C
  • Available with bi-tone colour in one sheet
  • Free of reproduction toxic plasticizers
  • Free of stabilizer containing heavy metals
  • Processable like standard Acella® SEV



  • Construction: Surface Material
  • Thickness: 1.1 mm
  • Transmission*: 8 %
  • Backing: Textile
  • Processing Method: Cut & Sew


Material Construction

1 | Lacquer Finish

2 | Compact Layer

3 | Foam Layer

4 | Textile Backing

*Tested on color Ivory, Transmission of material depends of color and thickness and has to be evaluated separately for every combination