Rollers for the Foil Industry

Extremely thin plastic films are highly sensitive, and they can wrinkle and crease during processing. That's why a dimensionally stable roller coating is particularly important in the manufacturing process. A roller that works very efficiently thanks to a long service life and, depending on the application, is particularly suitable for all water, solvent, and UV/EB color systems – a roller from Continental.

Sensitive coordination can be achieved with our polymer materials specifically developed for your film. This enables you to achieve outstanding properties in the production of extrusion, stretch and blown films. We have the ideal solution to meet all your special processing challenges. And with our special silicone rollers, defined surface structures are also possible.

Playfully crease-free and as easy as a breeze: Wrap films with Continental rollers – like the specially developed spreading layer – onto the rollers. It’s all thanks to a property that prevents markings and perfectly smooths the film without excessive elongation.

All rollers are reliable throughout the process and consistently deliver excellent results.
  • 72dpi_Silikon_S17_IMG_2475

    Sleeve and roller coated with silicone

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