Rollers for the Foil Industry

  • Fiber embossing rollers with uniform surface roughness, resistant to PVC plasticizers
  • Counter-pressure rollers for embossing, temperature resistant rollers with excellent embossing properties
  • Spreader rollers
  • Traction, transport, guide and deflecting rollers with an excellent service life and resistance to wear
  • Squeezing rollers for film blowing machines, temperature and ozone resistant
  • Spreader rollers
  • Pull-off rollers
  • Counter-pressure rollers for embossing
  • Stretching rollers
  • Traction, transport, guide and deflecting rollers
  • Rollers for corona treatment, ozone resistant
  • Laminating and application rollers, with anti-adhesive surface
  • Welding rollers, resistant to high temperatures and anti-adhesive surface
  • Varnishing rollers, excellent resistance to solvents
  • Flexoprint rollers (sleeve version also available), excellent laser properties and highly resistant to solvents
  • Rollers for gravure printing (sleeve version also available), special conductive pressure rollers or rollers for electrostatically supported gravure printing (ESA) are also available
  • Traction, transport, guide and deflecting rollers, electrically conductive version also available

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