Rollers for the Textile Industry

There are countless textiles available, and each individual one has its own properties in terms of material, structure and elasticity. This is why a roller coating that is perfectly matched to the application is so crucial in the refining of textiles.

One that stands up to the specific chemical and thermal load, is wear-resistant, and guarantees the best quality with its 100% accurate dimension – one from Continental.

Strikingly attractive materials are achieved with our deflection, lay-on, squeezing and padder rollers as well as high-performance squeezers that meet the highest demands. They are coated with suitable and tested materials for all finishing processes. Ideal for traditional, modern, and technologically novel textiles.

High quality effect is achieved by the most diverse materials processed with Continental rollers. For special finishing, the properties of the coated surfaces are carefully matched to the individual application.

Our rollers are reliable throughout the process and consistently deliver excellent results.

  • 72dpi_Foulardwalze_IMG16059

    Foulard roller

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