Smart Sensor Air Spring

Integrated Sensor Technology for Air Springs in Commercial Vehicles

Growing traffic volumes, rising emission levels, and evolving megatrends like connectivity and digitalization heavily influence the technologies we develop at Continental. To overcome present challenges and create a more connected and sustainable future, even mature products such as air springs for commercial vehicles are affected by this development as our smart air springs with integrated sensor technology prove.

For more Efficiency & Safety: The Ultrasonic Height and Pressure Sensor

Ultrasound Height Pressure Sensor

Continental’s Smart Sensor Air Springs for commercial vehicles provide operators with contactless and wear-free ultrasonic technology which precisely measures the height and the pressure of air springs. The values are continuously transmitted to an electronic control unit. Based on the data, the height of the vehicle is automatically and electronically adjusted to the respective target values. This electronic monitoring process prevents air springs from unnecessary energy losses while improving their efficiency and safety.

From 10 to 1: Less Components Thanks to Robust and Compact Design

However, our new air springs with the integrated Ultra Height and Pressure Sensors (UHPS) go even one step further. Through the sensor integration inside the air spring, the number of components for the installation is sustainably reduced from more than ten to only one. This way, logistical challenges are minimized, operational processes at manufacturing plants are streamlined, complicated wiring harness handling is reduced, and the calibration effort is obsolete. The compact and robust product design of our new smart air springs further protects the sensor on the inside against outer influences such as dirt, ice, or mechanical impact to ensure accurate data. Through the integrated plug-and-play measurement system, we also provide our customers one source for data analytics and autonomous vehicle control. This way, operators can detect irregularities early on and alert the driver in the event of overload or malfunctions to avoid wrongful parts replacements and reduce downtimes.

The Benefits of the Ultra Height and Pressure Sensors at a Glance

In the manufacturing plant In the field
  • Significant reduction of components
  • Simplified logistics
  • Streamlined vehicle assembly
  • Plug and play without calibration
  • Protected inside air spring
  • Digital system with diagnostic range
  • Contactless, wear-free
  • Easy replacement

The Future is Autonomous

This data-driven solution offers great potential and becomes particularly important in light of future mobility. Autonomous driving, as one example, heavily depends on reliable data to not only enhance efficiency and productivity in fleets but also reduce accidents and ensure safe roads for all of us.

Our new Smart Sensor Air Springs with integrated Ultra Height and Pressure Sensors (UHPS) are contributing to this vision opening a range of new possibilities for the sector and beyond.