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    Continental sandwich mount with integrated sensor

Innovation: Integration of load measurement into elastic elements

Deformation behaviour of vulcanised rubber is comparable to the behaviour of an incrompressible fluid. A load applied on a rubber product leads to a change of the shape of free surface and to pressure increase on bonded surfaces. This pressure change is measured by sensors so that the applied force can be determined. The sensor itself is part of the elastic element, no need to install a separate load cell.


  • Compact design; no additional design space needed
  • The sensor can be positioned in different ways, that offers great flexibility in the design
  • Retro-fit on existing mounts possible
  • High-accuracy due to measuring in the transfer path
  • Measurement also possible on curved components (e.g. bushes)
  • Various variants from the basic solution (measurement only) to comprehensive analysis (condition monitoring)
  • Automotive proofen technology

Video: Integrated sensor technology at a glance

​Elastic elements with an integrated load sensing function can be applied in different fields:

  • On-board-weighing: fleet management, prevents under- and overloading
  • In combination with intelligent data analysis a condition monitoring and predictive maintenance-system becomes possible
  • Load data collected can be used for next generation design

Elastic elements with integrated load measurement can be used in many industries:

  • Construction equipment: dump truck
  • Material handling: fork lifts, automated container carriers
  • Agricultural equipment: grain carts, transport wagon