Smart Air Spring System

Smart Air Spring System Ensures More Efficiency in the Industry
CT-Air-Spring-Vibration-System_1-(1).jpgOur intelligent air spring system with integrated sensor technology is constantly providing information about the operating state in real time. This improves efficiency in the industry’s day-to-day business, as continuous status monitoring provides operators of industrial facilities and machines with valuable support for problem-free and efficient operation.


  • Precise and reliable messages, e.g. regarding pressure, temperature and elevation
  • Information is incorporated in the machine control system – this forms the basis for anticipatory maintenance
  • Suitable for use in industrial applications and construction machinery almost everywhere

Technical data

  • Continuous status monitoring thanks to the built-in sensor
  • Information in real time
  • Its own adapter ensures the reliable connection between air spring and sensor technology
Milestone in air spring technology

Industrial facilities as well as construction machinery and devices deliver top performances on a daily basis – and in a demanding environment. The problem here is that, until now, the user of a conventional air spring had virtually no information about its status while in use. The view from outside or subjective perception alone had to suffice. The intelligent air spring, with its precise and reliable status messages, improves the efficiency and safety of industrial facilities in day-to-day business. This is particularly the case in the area of control and monitoring. “This development represents a milestone in air spring technology, with which we are heralding the next step in digitalization. The air spring is becoming intelligent and is communicating with the user,” says Herwig Peters, responsible for the industrial applications of air spring systems at Continental.

Basis for anticipatory maintenance

The biggest challenge of sensor integration was to integrate the delicate electronics cables in the product, such that the properties of the air spring were not changed and the electronics were safely protected. The sensor now measures the mechanical status of the air spring automatically. This information is then incorporated in the machine control system. This forms the basis for anticipatory maintenance.