Refurbishment Service

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What are the advantages of reconditioning air springs?

Previously, rail vehicle operators completely replaced the air spring systems after each revision cycle, even though some components were still intact. With our refurbishment service, Continental offers our customers a new range of options: we check and evaluate the individual system components during the industrial reconditioning of used air springs, and use them again if possible – this is faster, cheaper, and protects the environment.

Sustainability by recycling intact air spring components

Thanks to expert dismantling, state-of-the-art technology, and the right expertise, we can reuse 50 to 100 kg of metal in each air spring system, depending on the condition. This eliminates the disposal of the scrap metal and the manufacture of new steel and aluminum components. For each air spring system for a train or tram, we save at least 300 kg of CO2 with the reconditioning. This is similar to the emissions of a plane on the Hanover-London route.