Increased Safety on Modular and Façade Scaffolding

Scaffolding hatch from ContiTech will help you ascend and descend safely.

Increased Safety on Modular and Façade ScaffoldingThe combination of aluminum and vulcanized rubber layer gives the Safetrap flexibility as well as a very high level of safety. Climbing up and down is made much easier.
When working in and on scaffolding, many safety aspects come into play. From now on, Safetrap – a new product development from the ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group – will help you ascend and descend safely. The scaffolding hatch has passed fall tests and is now being used for the first time by our development partner ALTRAD plettac assco, one of Germany's leading one-stop suppliers of façade, modular, and mobile scaffolding systems.

It couldn't be easier to operate. Whereas conventional scaffolding hatches are made of aluminum or wooden pallets, and are therefore flexible only to a limited degree, Safetrap is based on a combination of an aluminum profile and a vulcanized rubber layer with fabric reinforcement. Workers on scaffolding can open the hatch with their heads when climbing. This means that they do not have to put down tools, building materials, or other materials in order to open the hatch. The hatch then closes by itself or with a push from the worker's foot. Climbing up and down is thus made much easier. Accidents due to incorrectly closed scaffolding hatches can thus be avoided.

The rubber layer is vulcanized onto the individual aluminum elements at high precision. Compared to conventional methods such as screwdriving and gluing, vulcanization offers many advantages as it allows the scaffolding hatch to retain its long-term flexibility. In addition, dirt cannot penetrate inside and cause long-term damage to the flap. The anti-slip safety on the hatch is also increased thanks to the specially patterned rubber layer.

The flap is available in two versions. There is the aluminum hatch, which runs transverse to the operating plane, and the plywood hatch, which is a longitudinal hatch. The names of the flaps refer to the material on the scaffolding's operating level.