Lines for Battery Temperature Control

  • fluid-handling-continental-e-mobility.jpg

    eMobility concepts from Continental

  • oelkuhlungsleitung.jpg

    Oil battery temerature control line

  • wasserkuhlungsleitung.jpg

    Refrigeant battery temperature control line

  • coolingwater-line-i8.jpg

    Cooling water hose lines for battery temperature control

    Product Range

    • Refrigerant Cooling
      Refrigerant Lines for Battery Temperature Control

      New volume-optimized hose lines support the cooling systems in electric and hybrid vehicles.

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    • Oil Cooling
      Oil Cooling Lines for eMobility

      Weight-reduced oil hoses for battery temperature control.

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    • Water Cooling
      Battery Cooling Lines for Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

      Cooling lines manufactured from a combination of plastic, metal and elastomer.

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