Refrigerant Lines for Battery Temperature Control

Supplementary cooling via the air conditioning system

Unlike conventional vehicles, electric vehicles require two cooling circuits. The water used as the cooling medium cools power components such as the motor and electronics, on the one hand, and the battery, on the other. The battery achieves its maximum service life at temperatures below 50°C. To maintain this temperature level, the water upstream of the battery needs to be more than 10°C cooler. This cannot always be guaranteed during the summer months. To enable the battery to achieve its full service life and to work at full capacity, it is useful to supplement the water cooling at high thermal loads using the air-conditioning system’s coolant circuit. This provides additional cooling for the water to ensure that it reaches the optimal working temperature.


  • Newly developed integration minimizes pressure losses
  • Weight reduction in comparison to conventional solutions
  • Less coolant necessary due to smaller line cross-sections

Refrigerant cooling