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Very Cool: Our Hose Systems Win Gold

Material award for CO2air conditioning system solution

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Very Cool: Our Hose Systems Win Gold

It is an inventive idea that our engineers designed. Hose lines that are ideally suited to the operation of sustainable CO2 air conditioning systems and the increased pressure and temperature requirements this brings. Our engineers were recently honored with the Materialica Gold Award 2022.

CO2 can also be climate-friendly

For background, operating vehicle air conditioning systems with CO2 (also known as R744) offers a number of advantages over air conditioning systems using conventional refrigerants such as R134a (tetrafluoroethene) or R1234yf (tetrafluoro propene): CO2 is significantly more environmentally friendly due to its lower global warming potential and enables up to 25 percent more efficient vehicle air conditioning.

Hose lines already in use

With this in mind, our engineers were able to develop something completely new with hose lines specially tailored to CO2 air conditioning systems. “We introduced the lines in limited production at two well-known original equipment manufacturers and were industrialized in a large-scale production at a third renowned original equipment manufacturer with an electric platform,” says Dominik Kempf, responsible for metal development in MFS. “We have set a milestone in vehicle air conditioning in terms of sustainability and efficiency. Especially when you consider that today almost 100 percent of new cars are equipped with air conditioning. Besides being a non-chemical, natural gas, the extra benefit of CO2 as refrigerant fluid comes with its use as reverse AC system, than technically a heat-pump. It considerably increases driving range for BEV’s in winter compared to  R134a or R1234yf. We are very pleased that our innovative product was recognized by the Materialica Awards jury.”

Their name: ContiTech ECO C100 and ContiTech ECO C200

For normal temperature applications, our developers designed the ContiTech ECO C100 hose, which uses a two-layer film system to achieve both the necessary barrier properties and also meet the higher pressure requirements. For hot gas applications, our engineers designed the ContiTech ECO C200 hose, consisting of a corrugated metal tube with polymer/rubber layers built on top and a steel reinforcement material.  

This convinced the jury of the Materialica Design + Technology Awards and secured us first place in the “material” category. The Materialica Design + Technology Awards are considered one of the world’s leading competitions at the interface between materials, design and technology. For the third time in a row, the hose experts from Continental Industry successfully demonstrated their materials expertise and innovative strength as winners of the Materialica Awards in various categories.

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