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Lightweight, Flexible and Sustainable for E-mobility

SPE Automotive Award for Coolant Lines

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Lightweight, Flexible and Sustainable for E-mobility

Electric vehicles are considered one of the most important mobility solutions for the future. To make them even more efficient and therefore more sustainable, our engineers have developed new coolant lines for this important application.

We also received a great deal of recognition from the industry: The lines took second place in the "Enabler Technology" category of the SPE Automotive Award 2022. "We are particularly pleased to have done so well in this category, because we see ourselves as an important 'enabler' for the industry, especially for e-mobility,” says Maximilian Schöngart. "Our lines are a real benefit for electric vehicles in many ways.” Advantages of the products: They are flexible, easier to manufacture and cheaper than conventional products and they reduce CO2 emissions.

Easy recycling – smaller CO2 footprint


"Through the monomaterial concept, we achieve recycling advantages and, by using polypropylene (PP), a lower CO2 footprint of the starting material," Maximilian explains. "Targeted material modification and product design can eliminate the need for expensive technical thermoplastics. At the same time, we meet the requirements of the major vehicle manufacturers for coolant lines for electrified platforms." Another positive benefit of the innovation: the lines are significantly lighter than previous EPDM solutions and thus contribute once again to CO2 reduction.
A mature and future-proof product that our plastics experts have developed!

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