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Our Water Hoses Ensure Well-Tended Soccer Fields.

Our Water Hoses Ensure Well-Tended Soccer Fields

Twenty-two pairs of feet clad in studded shoes racing around on the grass daily; the summer sun beating down mercilessly, drying out the ground; winter snow and ice making the ground all soggy – all these challenges are enough to keep any groundskeeper busy! A high-quality soccer field requires care and attention – after all, it is in constant use and exposed to all manner of weather conditions all year round. The groundskeeper’s role is akin to that of a doctor and physiotherapist for the soccer field. They have to mow, maintain and water the field, making sure that it is in perfect condition for the millions of players worldwide.

Good Grass Maintenance Is a Skill in Its Own Right

Groundskeepers have a huge responsibility because keeping a soccer field in good shape is – officially – an art in itself. Not for nothing did the highest organizational and administrative level in German soccer publish its own document for amateur clubs and municipalities concerning the construction and maintenance of sports fields – the groundskeeper’s textbook, as it were. One of the lessons included is correct irrigation.

In the summer, one square meter of turf loses an average of four liters of water every day due to evaporation. This means that lawn sprinklers are essential. As any good groundskeeper knows, it is better just to turn the tap on full rather than to water the grass frequently but briefly. Frequent but brief bursts of watering mean that the water cannot penetrate deep enough into the ground, in turn making the ground even more likely to dry out. The knock-on effect is that the ground is too hard, the players are annoyed and the groundskeeper has to take the rap. This is why groundskeepers are well advised to give the grass a proper shower to ensure good root growth and a soft, green surface.

Flexible Sprinkler Hoses Withstand the Tough Conditions on Sports Fields

Flexible Sprinkler Hoses Withstand the Tough Conditions on Sports Fields

This is no problem in the big stadiums, where high-caliber teams will soon host the top European soccer tournaments. Permanently installed sprinkler systems reliably take care of all watering measures. But what about in the smaller stadiums and arenas? Flexible hoses that are every bit the match of modern systems are used here. “Our Trix Rotstrahl water hose easily withstands the harsh operating conditions, including regular UV irradiation, ozone effects and temperature fluctuations,” says Hubert Butterwegge, Head of Marketing and Sales. “Soccer games are still played even when the mercury drops to minus 20 degrees, but the Trix Rotstrahl copes with extremely low temperatures just as easily as it does with blazing tropical heat,” he continues. The hose can also be easily bent and folded because it is extremely flexible and robust thanks to its special design and the rubber hose cover. Its smooth inner lining ensures a smooth flow. Groundskeepers will be particularly pleased that it is also nice and easy to handle.

And if groundskeepers are satisfied with their work, so, too, are the players. Perhaps it is also because soccer is still the world’s most popular sport. One thing is certain, the soccer fields are once again a lush green and are attracting millions of spectators into the stadiums and in front of TV screens, just in time for the start of the league season.

Hubert Butterwegge

Hubert Butterwegge is Head of Marketing and Sales for Western Europe/APAC in the Industrial Fluid Solutions business unit, and a self-confessed soccer fan:

”The Trix Rotstrahl is not only highly robust and long-lasting, but also easy to handle. This is why it is so popular in sprinkler systems for sports fields and in many other public areas.“