Manufacturing of Compounds

Premium compounds for your individual further processing

The compound manufacturer has a significant influence on the subsequent quality of the material produced. We produce high-quality compounds of synthetic and natural rubber. In the rubber mixing process, compounds are combined into rubber families which takes place over several stages.

Manufacturing of compounds

Our modern production scheduling system is used to coordinate the entire compound manufacturing plan. This system covers all the important stages of our supply chain, from raw material arrival to compound delivery. We use internal mixers to manufacture our industry leading compounds. The kneader is used to create rubber compounds with homogeneous quality.

The roller mill is very important for special compound orders. In the internal mixer, the compound is manufactured in a closed mixing chamber. Compared with the roller mill, the advantage is that standardized rubber compounds can be manufactured.

As an experienced compound supplier, we have the latest generation of internal mixers. The mixers work automatically and are controlled via computers and programmable logic controllers (PLC). The material flow is a highly automated process in rubber compounding. This means that the composition of the rubber compounds, as raw material, is precisely controlled. A large proportion of the raw materials are transferred to the hopper upon delivery. From here, the material is weighed and transported directly to the kneader in a computer-controlled process. Other raw materials, such as rubber, are weighed at the kneader. Rubber compounding is generally carried out in two stages. A batch is manufactured first. This usually contains rubber, filler, plasticizer, antioxidants, auxiliaries and additives. In the second stage, accelerators and crosslinkers are added. The actual manufacture of rubber compounds then takes place in the kneader under controlled conditions. The compound is then ready for further processing after cooling.