CONTI CordProtect

High-performance cord monitoring systems for steel cord conveyor belts

CONTI CordProtect

Key Features

  • Cord Damage Detection
  • Belt Splice Monitoring
  • User-defined alarm levels
  • Interactive display
  • Damage reports
  • Reporting with automatic splice identification and alarm system
  • Robust design for all environmental and weather conditions
Cord Damage Detection


  • Permanent magnet magnetizes steel cords in conveyor belt
  • At cord ends or breaks, the magnetic flux lines exit the steel cord
  • Sensor maps belt's magnetic characteristics
  • Continuous scanning procedure with real-time reporting at full belt speed


CONTI CordProtect has been monitoring steel cord belts in mining and industrial applications since 2008. This reliable system is capable of detecting cord damage and prioritizing the damage based upon the size and location, while also monitoring for damage growth. By detecting critical damage, the issue can be proactively addressed before it becomes catastrophic, while avoiding a major unplanned maintenance event. Additionally, using the unique magnetic image of each splice allows for monitoring for change against its baseline data. By detecting splice degradation, these issues can be addressed during planned maintenance.

Technical Key Data

Belt Speed up to 10 m/s
Belt Width 600 mm to 3500 mm (standard), wider is possible with custom design
Belt Rating up to ST10000
Temperature -40 °C to 70 °C
Humidity 20% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
System Output Relays; Ethernet TCP/IP; Modbus TCP (PROFIBUS option available)
Input Voltage 110/220 VAC; 24 VDC option available
IP Class 65

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