Belt Refurbishment

We have more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in the process of conveyor belts regeneration.

Belt refurbishment

Due to the possibility of multiple usage of support parts (carcass) of conveyor belts, and achieving significant material savings, conveyor belt regeneration presents an excellent benefit.

Judging by its basic parameters, regenerated conveyor belts are the same as the new conveyor belts. Based on their quality, new rubber covers and protective edges coated on the existing carcass correspond to all requirements of standards for production of conveyor belts. Approximately  80% of all belts can be regenerated.

We are providing complete regeneration consulting service.


  • 65-75% of the new belt price, depending of used belt type and conditions
  • Same life / warranty time as a new belt
  • Reduction of disposal cost / stock
  • Less pollution

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