Baler Belts – Endless Wrapped Belts

Heavy-duty belt designed to meet application requirements

Continental round baler belts are used for the processing of hay and forage into round bales with uniform shape and compression. Leading manufacturers of hay and silage balers rely on top quality from Continental and make use of our heavy-duty endless wrapped round baler belts.

Variable-chamber round balers give the farmer a high degree of flexibility in the size and density of the round bale. For that reason, Continental offers heavy-duty baler belts with an endless-wrapped fabric carcass, offering excellent performance across all operating conditions. The unique and patented production process for endless-wrapped round baler belts eliminates splicing areas completely, thereby guaranteeing an outstanding service life.

Optimally aligned to the respective round baler press designs and desired performance characteristics, the Continental Conveyor Belt Group works together with the customer to design the ideal, top-quality round baler belt.

Baler belts – Endless wrapped belts

Baler belts – Endless wrapped belts

Benefits & features

  • Endless wrapped design
  • Quiet operation within the baling chamber
  • Not affected by reverse operation
  • Removal of the mechanical fasteners enables smooth operation
  • Extremely high tensioning strength ensures high compression density
  • Excellent service life of the belts minimizes unplanned downtime
  • No destruction of net wrap by mechanical fasteners
  • Productivity increased as much as 5x in comparison to belts with mechanical fasteners (measured in terms of the number of bales produced)


  • Hay, silage and straw bale compressors in agricultural harvesters
  • CONTI round baler belts for hay, straw and silage presses
  • Belts for the agricultural industry
  • Endless wrapped belts

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