Seeding & Harvesting

    Product Range

    • Pick-up Belts
      Pick-up Belts

      The effective system facilitates harvesting and minimizes downtime. The hooks can be replaced without having to remove the belt.

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    • Baler Belts –Endless Wrapped Belts
      Baler Belts –Endless Wrapped Belts

      Heavy-duty and long-lasting endless wrapped baler belts.

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    • Profiled Feeder Belts
      Profiled Feeder Belts

      Rough and diamond top covers are available for hay stacker, tub grinder and bunk feeder belts.

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    • Bucket Elevator & Seed Belts
      Bucket Elevator & Seed Belts

      Precision positioning of potatoes: Continental supplies flat and profiled textile base belts for use in compact potato planters, for example.

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    • Draper Belts for Cutter Heads
      Draper Belts for Cutter Heads

      Working directly with OEMs, we’ve taken the draper belt to a new level. Our advanced design allows for superior performance characteristics.

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    • Baler Belts – Pre-cut & Laced
      Baler Belts – Pre-cut & Laced

      Pre-cut round baler belts are available as rolled goods or laced with hook fasteners.

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    Services & Tools

    • Distributor Locator
      Distributor Locator

      Find a distributor near you.

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