Baler Belts – Bulk and Finished

Performance, Durability and Longevity

In addition to manufacturing industry-leading endless-wrapped round baler belts, Continental also offers a range of top-quality 2-ply and 3-ply round baler belts with mechanical fasteners in both made-to-fit and bulk material sizes. These are available in a variety of widths (up to 72” wide) and surface impressions including Smooth top, Diamondtop, Mini-Roughtop, and Chevron.

3-ply baler belt

The use of two highly flexible, nylon-based fabric outer layers and an extra strong polyester-based fabric inner layer has been established as standard and provides high stability and low elongation for round baler belts. High-performance rubber compounds that have been optimally customized to serve agricultural needs – with abrasion resistance and UV and ozone resistance, for example – keep these belts running smoothly for many years. Even the special skim rubber compounds applied between the fabric layers have been optimized and allow for the smooth running of the belt without delamination, even over small rollers.

3-ply baler belt

Nylon/Polyester – Polyester/Polyester – Nylon/Polyester

This three-ply belt has been designed specifically with today's high-density baler and heavy-duty users in mind. Its innovative design provides the ultimate in flexibility, strength and tracking, all with minimal stretch. The outer layers are comprised of nylon longitudinal yarn and polyester transverse yarn, which provides for exceptional flexibility when passing over the rollers, while also maintaining sufficient stiffness across the belt to prevent roll over. The inner layer is an all-polyester layer to ensure minimum belt elongation. Optimized rubber covers and fabrics increase the hook holding ability and are designed to withstand the extreme flexing that belts are exposed to in large round balers. All three layers are S & Z twist for the ultimate in belt tracking. Available with textured covers or with Diamond Top, Rough Top and Chevron surfaces.

Continental’s tried-and-tested baler belt achieves superior performance thanks to the use of high-quality skim rubber between fabric layers, which allows the layers to move easily over the rollers. Thanks to the powerful ozone and oxidation inhibitors in the cover compounds, coupled with high abrasion resistance, Continental baler belts show few signs of wear, even after years of use. The low stretch, 100% polyester inner layer provides very high-tension ratings. This guarantees years of trouble-free operation without significant stretch and stable tracking characteristics.

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