Swather Belts

Featuring rip resistant side laminate and strong cleat profiles Continental’s swather canvas incorporates technology from various industries. Smooth running reduces vibration to extend the life of your investments. Our technology is your advantage.

65 years of manufacturing technology combined with an excellent reputation for quality makes this the best swather belt on the market. Continental is your best choice for your swather and windrower needs. The diamond-shaped fiberglass rod re-enforced, integrally molded cleats will provide excellent rigidity while delivering years of maintenance-free operation. Our diamond rods are specially treated to achieve a superior bond to the cleat.

Swather Belt

Swather Canvas

Continental's Swather Canvas utilizes side folds and a center strip for extra strength and increased wear resistance where contact is made with the header structure.

The S & Z Weave insures the best tracking with the least amount of effort and maintenance. The S & Z fabric is used by high speed sorting equipment, so incorporating this into Swather canvas makes sense due to the traditional tracking problems of Swather canvas.

All Continental Swather Canvas utilizes three different additives to insure superior oxidation and ozone resistance where most manufacturers use only wax.

Patented oil resistant rubber compounds help our canvas stand up against the oil residue left behind by harvesting oily crops such as canola. It also helps the canvas hold up to the grease and oils from the Swather and /or the tractor.

Continental was the first manufacturer to put additional rubber on the top of the canvas to help prolong it's life. This is especially important in crops with large stems such as canola.

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Swather Canvas

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