P11 Flexible Drain for Floating Roof Tank

P11 Flexible Drain for Floating Roof Tank


Suitable for drainage of rainwater on tanks containing floating roof.

Technical Specifications

Plastic films and nylon fabrics. Spirals of internal and external reinforcement in stainless steel AISI 304/316. External cover in nylon resistant to weather/abrasion. Hoses can be coated with nylon rope or helical spiral in polyethylene.

  • Inner tube: AISI 304 stainless steel interlocked
  • Cover: extruded polyamide 11
  • Stiffness: 110 to 450 of daN.m²
  • Temperature Range: -20°C and 100°C.
  • ANSI B16.5 150lbs ASTM A-105 standard flange mounted and painted according to N-2913 standard
  • All Continental drain pipes are identified and supplied under project’s specification
  • Continental provides complete installation project
  ØInternal External Weight (empty) Buoyancy in H2O Stiffness at 20°C Minimum bending radius
  (mm) (mm) kg/m kg/m daN.m² (mm)
Ø4" 101,6 122 13 11,7 110 1100
Ø6" 152,4 174 17 23,78 220 1600
Ø8" 203,2 225 24 39,76 450 2100

Flexible Drain - Flow Graphic x Roof Height

Values obtained through full-scale tests


Drain Pipe Behavior

Note: Dimension A and B vary according to the drain length diameter