Product Range

    • Dock Hoses
      Dock Hoses

      We manufacture a complete range of dock loading hoses for ship-to-shore applications in full compliance with recognized international standards.

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    • Dredge Hose Systems
      Dredge Hose Systems

      Our comprehensive range of dredge hoses has been specially developed for transporting particularly coarse and abrasive materials.

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    • High Pressure Hoses
      High Pressure Hoses

      We are a market-leading manufacturer of bonded high-pressure drilling and production hoses; our hoses are in use across the globe.

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    • Hose & Couplings
      Hose & Couplings

      Our broad range of industrial, hydraulic and fire-rated hoses is designed to meet the demands and performance requirements of the oil and gas industry.

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    • Hose Management
      Hose Management

      Thanks to our unrivalled expertise in the field of flexible hoses for the oil and gas industry, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of hose management services.

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    • LNG Hoses
      LNG Hoses

      Continental has called upon its proven engineering and manufacturing capabilities to develop truly flexible cryogenic hoses for offshore LNG transfer.

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    • Marine Hoses
      Marine Hoses

      We supplied hoses to the world’s first single-point mooring over 50 years ago and our marine hoses have been setting the benchmark for quality and innovation ever since.

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    • Seabed Mining
      Seabed Mining

      We develop flexible systems for the most challenging of environments: the extraction of minerals from the seabed.

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    • Sea-Water Intake Systems
      Sea-Water Intake Systems

      Continental is a recognized leader in the field of complete seawater intake systems for FPSO onboard processing.

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    • Big Bubble Curtain Hose
      Big Bubble Curtain Hose

      Offshore wind power: Continental develops sound insulation for marine life.

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    • Intelligent Hoses
      Intelligent Hoses

      Sensor technology enables precise position monitoring of marine hoses.

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