Flexible Choke & Kill Lines with PA Liner

API Spec. 16C up to FSL 3​

Flexible lines used for fluid circulation into and out of the wellbore to control well pressure.

General Choke & Kill Hose Construction


Internal diameter 2” to 4”
Bore type full flow, smooth bore
Liner type H2S resistant PA
Design pressure up to 15,000 psi
Coupling bonded
Operating temperature -20° C to +100° C (-4° F to 212° F)
Survival temperature 177° C (350° F) for at least 1 hour
Max. available length 60 m (200ft)
For further technical details download the datasheet

Features & Benefits

  • Coupling materials meet NACE MR 01-75/ISO 15156 latest edition
  • See flexible Tauro™Fit choke & kill lines for subsea BOPs and for flexible choke & kill lines with extreme small MBRs