Bunkering Hose

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Our range of bulk transfer hoses, which covers a variety of mediums including oil, fuel, bulk material, potable water, liquid mud, sea water and methanol, is used in a wide range of applications including bunkering, dragchains, loading stations and many more.

Our Salamander floating hoses are designed for the transfer of fluids and materials between supply vessels and fixed platforms, providing a high quality solution to the problem of low hose buoyancy and snagging during supply operations. The advanced hose design of the Salamander hose means that the integral buoyancy layers ensure a trouble free, reliable and high visibility solution for bulk material, potable water, liquid mud and diesel applications. It is also possible to heat trace bulk hoses for extreme cold conditions to maintain the integrity of the hose.

Offshore bunkering operation
Bunkering hose on a reel


Internal diameter 2” to 12”
Design pressure up to 40 bar
Max. available length up to 12.2 m (40ft)
Designs Colour coded branding in accordance with guidelines, variety of hose end terminations to suit your application