SAFLOTE Anti-Pollution Hoses

Standard GMPHOM 2009

Double carcass anti-pollution floating hoses for the transport of petroleum fluids at single point moorings.

SAFLOTE anti-pollution hoses incorporate a double carcass system; a primary carcass surrounded by a secondary carcass – in essence a hose within a hose. Both carcasses are independently secured to integral hose end fittings.

In the unlikely event that the primary carcass fails the secondary carcass remains intact. Having been unstressed prior to the failure the secondary carcass has all the required strength and containment capabilities to take over, thus containing the oil and preventing oil spillage and associated environmental damage.

SAFLOTE Double Carcass Floating Hose
SAFLOTE Hose Connected To Tanker


Internal diameter 4” to 24”
Design pressure 15, 19 or 21 bar
Inner lining Nitrile and HNBR 
Max. available length up to 12.2 m (40ft)

Features & Benefits

  • The primary carcass functions independently from the secondary carcass
  • In accordance with OCIMF the secondary carcass fully withstands the prototype burst test used in proving the primary carcass
  • The secondary carcass does not fatigue in normal service
  • Even after long and arduous hose service the secondary carcass can still contain a primary carcass burst or leak
  • All SAFLOTE hoses incorporate a robust and maintenance free warning system, which provides clear evidence of primary carcass failure
  • The effectiveness of the warning system is not compromised by the environmental conditions