AGRIDUR® wrapped V-belts

With low-stretch tension member and upgraded compound for high power transmission at high loads

AGRIDUR® power transmission belts ensure extremely reliable power transmission for agricultural machines thanks to their smooth running properties, even under harsh operating conditions, such as those resulting from dirt, dust and moisture. Furthermore, AGRIDUR® power transmission belts deliver high efficiency, even under the most extreme of weather conditions, such as heat and cold, drought and rain, and direct sunlight. Another factor to bear in mind is that no lubrication is required – a real advantage when compared with chain drives. AGRIDUR® power transmission belts therefore help to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Belt structure

Belt structure

  • 1. Fabric jacket
  • 2. Fiber-reinforced, heavy-duty synthetic rubber
  • 3. Tension member manufactured from reinforced polyester/aramid

AGRIDUR® wrapped V-belts are temperature-resistant from -30°C to +80°C. The fiber-reinforced, synthetic-rubber compound ensures outstanding transverse stiffness. In the aramid version the tension member is especially low-stretch. AGRIDUR® wrapped V-belts are ideal for matched sets L=L from 1,000 mm upward.

20 SPC
25 CC
Length range up to 12,500 mm