SilentSync® Sprockets

SilentSync® sprockets are ideal for use on a wide variety of applications in all industries. They have been designed to ensure maximum service life and performance.

Over 1,500 sprocket combinations are available, making it easier to match the desired design speed. More speed ratio options also means more design flexibility and more compact drives.

Benefits & features

More design flexibility with more compact drives.
  • No flanges
  • Self-tracking design
  • Available in ductile iron, aluminum, steel or stainless steel

Technical specifications

  • Do not require flanges
  • Are mounted in spheroidal graphite construction 
  • Other materials such as aluminium, steel and stainless steel on request

Sprocket part number nomenclature

The part numbering system for SilentSync® centers around a color-coded sizing system for the belts and sprockets. Each belt and sprocket part number includes a letter corresponding to a color and is also branded in that color. The letters Y, W, P, B, G, O and R indicate the colors Yellow, White, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange and Red. All Yellow belts are designed to function with all Yellow sprockets, as is the case for the White, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange and Red sizes. An example of the part numbering system nomenclature for sprockets and bushings is given below.

Example part number: Y-28S-H

  • Y = Yellow: 8mm pitch, 16mm width
  • 28 = 28 teeth
  • S = Sprocket
  • H = Hub/bushing type

Minimum Plain Bore (MPB)
O-40S-MPB:  Orange size sprocket with 40 teeth and a Minimum Plain Bore (MPB) style hub. The MPB style sprockets are supplied with a minimum bore, typically 1⁄ 2 inch or 1 inch with H7 tolerances and will require machining of a keyway and setscrew holes and possibly boring to a desired bore size.

Quick Disconnect® (QD®)
R-168S-N: Red size sprocket with 168 teeth and hub machined to fit an “N” size QD® bushing. A bushing is required to install this sprocket on a shaft. Please note that smaller diameter sprockets are not available in the QD® style due to space limitations.

Finished Stock Bore (FSB)
G-34S – 1⅞ This is a Green size sprocket with 34 teeth and a Finished Stock Bore (FSB) style hub featuring a bore of 1⅞ inches. FSB sprockets are supplied ready to install with a standard keyway and setscrew  holes machined.

Bored To Suit (BTS)
B-28S-BTS – 1 13/16 This is a Blue size sprocket with 28 teeth and a hub that has been bored (BTS) to 1 13/16 inches, per customer specification and machined for setscrew holes and a keyway. BTS sprockets can be made to almost any bore including metric sizes.

Note: All MPB-, QD®- and FSB-style sprockets are stock items. BTS sprockets are made to order and may require lead times.

Bushing part number nomenclature

Bushings are supplied with bolts, lock washers and set screws. Keys are supplied only if a special shallow key is required. The E 2⅛ inch bushing can be used to install any sprocket with an “E” hub on a 2⅛ inch shaft. The QD® bushing system is an industry standard, however, to ensure the best match between sprocket and bushing, we recommend using bushings supplied by Continental for SilentSync® sprockets.