Conti® SilentSync

Self-tracking timing belt designed for very quiet and reduced vibration operation; excellent choice for horizontal drives.

New names for industrial drive belts

We are aligning and enhancing our industrial drive belt portfolio with a globally consistent naming structure. That is why you will see some changes on our product pages in the next months.


Powerful, quiet, energy efficient: Thanks to its combination of a helical tooth design, aramid tension member and strong rubber, this belt boasts a wealth of inherent advantages. The SilentSync is self-tracking, has a high power capacity and can withstand high temperatures. This makes it an excellent alternative to both traditional timing belts and V-belts.

Conti® SilentSync: More than just a timing belt

Offering an increase in power transmission of up to 80 % and electrical conductivity*, Conti® SilentSync is a high performance upgrade on standard timing belts. The drive belt is up to 19 dB quieter than straight toothed belts in operation, its Helical Offset Tooth (HOT) design merging belt and sprocket into one of the quietest, smoothest and most compact timing belt drives available. The result is continuous tooth engagement that reduces vibration and improves overall system efficiency.

Thanks to the helical toothing, SilentSync belts and sprockets are able to provide greater resistance to ratcheting, more precise alignment, increased power capacity and improved tension distribution – all to better withstand the shearing action of high performance drives. SilentSync sprockets are additionally available in over 1,500 combinations, making it easy to find a drive configuration that matches your system. The wide range of possible transmission ratios allows for more design flexibility and lighter, more compact drives.

Product Properties

  • Resistant to temperatures between -30 °C (-22 °F) and +130 °C (+266 °F), depending on application
  • Very low noise levels
  • Electrically conductive to ISO 9563
  • Limited oil resistance
  • Ozone-resistant
  • Aging-resistant
  • Maintenance-free

Technical Product Structure

  • Tooth surface: Specially treated fabric
  • Teeth: Synthetic rubber
  • Tension member: Aramid
  • Belt backing: Synthethic rubber


Profile Y – 8M 16 W – 8M 32 P – 8M 35 B – 14M 35 G – 14M 52,5 O – 14M 70 R – 14M 105
Color yellow white purple blue green orange red
Pitch 8 mm 8 mm 8 mm 14 mm 14 mm 14 mm 14 mm
Width 16 mm 32 mm 64 mm 35 mm 52,5 mm 70 mm 105 mm