Conti® Synchrotwin Advance (Pro)

Heavy-duty double-sided timing belts for high speeds.

New names for industrial drive belts

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Continental is expanding its portfolio of heavy-duty double-sided timing belts. The Conti Synchrotwin Advance and Advance Pro for synchronous power transmission with reverse rotation are now available in lengths up to six meters.

Conti® Synchrotwin Advance (Pro): What’s behind it all?

The heavy-duty Conti® Synchrotwin Advance / Advance Pro versions are made from an elastomer reinforced with aramid fibers and stand out with the high deformation resistance of their teeth and their excellent length stability. Conti® Synchrotwin Advance is the perfect fit for applications with high speeds, while Conti® Synchrotwin Advance Pro is a heavy-duty belt for sustained transmission of high torques at low speeds. The standard Conti® Synchrotwin variant, meanwhile, features a glass cord tension member and allows exceptionally efficient, synchronous power transmission on both sides of the belt in low to moderate power ranges.





Why use a double-sided timing belt?

The Synchrotwin Advance (Pro) has two sides of identical strength. The belt allows the power being transmitted to be split between both sides, providing the basis for counter-rotating drives where the direction of rotation is reversed. Load-bearing capacity is identical on both sides of the belt, so the power being transmitted can be distributed as desired. The profile dimensions and construction of the double-sided timing belts are the same as comparable belts with teeth on one side, meaning there is no need to use special sprockets.

Product Properties

  • Temperature range from -20°C to +100°C, depending on application
  • Limited oil resistance
  • Ozone resistant
  • Suitable for reverse flexing/reverse tensioning pulleys
  • Maintenance free
  • PAH category 2 as per “2014 AfPS GS:01 PAK”
  • Anti-static to ISO 9563

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
  • 1. Teeth: High-performance synthetic rubber with polyamide fabric
  • 2. Tension member: Glass cord with S/Z twists (Synchrotwin Advance), aramid cord with S/Z twists (Synchrotwin Advance Pro)
  • 3. Back: High-performance synthetic rubber



Profile Length range Lp (mm)
DHTD D5M 565 - 2000
DHTD D8M 600 - 4400
DHTD D14M 966 - 5740


Profile Length range Lp (mm)
DSTD DS8M 600 - 2848