Product Range

    • Conti®VX FHP (FHP)
      Conti®VX FHP (FHP)

      V-belts run smoother and quieter, last longer and substantially improve energy efficiency compared to noncogged belts.

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    • Conti®V Dual (Hex)
      Conti®V Dual (Hex)

      Hex belts, also known as double V-belts, are designed for use on drives with one or more reverse bends. They usually transmit power from both sides of the belt.

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    • Conti®V (HY-T-Plus)
      Conti®V (HY-T-Plus)

      Wrapped V-belts for demanding drives in all sectors of machine engineering (classic according to DIN 2215, narrow according to DIN 7753).

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    • Conti®V (HY-T WEDGE)
      Conti®V (HY-T WEDGE)

      HY-T®Wedge cross-section means the belts are narrower and weigh less. Narrower belts allow for the use of thinner and lighter sheaves.

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    • Conti®V Insta-Power® (INSTA-POWER)
      Conti®V Insta-Power® (INSTA-POWER)

      Every element of the Insta-Power belt is designed to delived premium, long-life performance in demanding outdoor power equipment service.

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    • Conti®V Torque Team Supreme (Torque Team Plus)
      Conti®V Torque Team Supreme (Torque Team Plus)

      Torque Team Plus belts are our highest capacity V-belts known for strength, durability, and performance.

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    • Conti®VX Torque Team Advance (HY-T Torque Team)
      Conti®VX Torque Team Advance (HY-T Torque Team)

      HY-T® Torque Team® Classical belts are built with strong Vytacord tension members.

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    • Conti®VX Advance (Torque Flex)
      Conti®VX Advance (Torque Flex)

      Your drives can deliver the horsepower you want at a lower component cost – and with lower energy costs- when you include Torque-Flex V-belts in the design.

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    • Conti®V Advance (Wedge TLP)
      Conti®V Advance (Wedge TLP)

      Constructed with a homogenous, one-piece design, the Wedge TLP Narrow V-belt delivers total lasting performance that is virtually maintenance free.

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