Conti®V (HY-T-Plus)

New names for industrial drive belts

We are aligning and enhancing our industrial drive belt portfolio with a globally consistent naming structure. That is why you will see some changes on our product pages in the next months.


Conti®V (formerly, HY-T PLUS, HY-T Wedge & Metric)
Wrapped V-Belts for demanding drives in all industries. 

Quality materials are key to durability and reliability. Continental utilizes its specialty treated polyester cord and manufacturing processes to provide the high-strength, high-horsepower capacity needed to effectively transmit today's drive power and dimensional stability.  It features a continuous V-section that is protected by a wide angle, synthetic fabric impregnated with high-quality engineered rubber compound. This unique envelope achieves the high strength Conti V belts need to withstand high loading forces. It also provides the torsional rigidity required in long center drives delivering the traction needed for accurate tracking and precision performance. 

Conti V belts eliminate mismatch problems with its Matchmaker® technology. Matchmaker ensures that each Conti V belt in a specific size is mirrored in size and performance; no matter when or where it was produced.

The Continental Conti V is available in classical (A, B, C, D & E), Wedge or Narrow (3V, 5V & 8V) & Metric (SPA, SPB, SPC & SPZ) profiles. 


  • Heat and oil resistant
  • Dual purpose for Classical and Conti VX FHP
  • Reduced inventory
  • Temperature range from -30 °F to +165 °F (-34 °C to +74 °C)
  • MatchMaker
  • Static conductive
  • Conditionally resistant to oil

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
  • 1. Fabric jacket
  • 2. Natural rubber
  • 3. Polyester tension member

Length range


Profile Length range Li (mm)
A 22 - 182
B 25 - 396
C 52 - 422
D 117 - 543
E 187 - 604