Sealing Solutions for Hydrogen Applications

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Hydrogen as gaseous energy storage medium is one of the most important white hopes when it comes to the energy supply of the future. This also and especially applies to freight transport on the road, because the currently possible ranges and charging times of purely battery electric drives are not an option for long-distance commercial vehicles.

However, in order to be able to safely power the mobility of the future, amongst other, with hydrogen, extensive basic materials research is needed along the entire hydrogen supply chain. This is because the highly flammable and mobile gas places higher demands on hoses, hose couplings and seals than gasoline or diesel.

  • Impermeableness: Due to the tiny molecule size, components must be highly impermeable so that the medium does not volatilize through the material.
  • Pressure: Hydrogen is transported through supply lines at sometimes high pressures, which the sealing solutions must also be able to withstand and therefore have the appropriate rigidity.
  • Temperature: Depending on the application, the polymer compounds used must be able to withstand extreme temperatures of up to -40 and +115 degrees Celsius so that the seal and hose do not become porous and thus permeable.
  • Antistatic: There must be no electrostatic charging or even flying sparks within the lines.
  • Cleanliness: For efficient energy generation and long service life of the fuel cell, there must be no elutriation from the material into the medium. Sulfur cross-linked materials for example are thus ruled out.

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