Press Polished Vinyl

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Marine Press Polished

Continental press polished clear vinyl for marine applications is the right choice for boating enthusiasts. The product has excellent optical clarity and is resistant to elements found in sunscreen, insect repellant and jet fuel. Our press polished clear vinyl is highly durable and offers protection from ultraviolet rays to help protect boaters from getting too much sun and glare.

Automotive Press Polished

Continental continues to serve the automotive industry with premium surface solutions including our press polished clear vinyl.  For those vehicles requiring a soft window application, original equipment manufacturers look to us for options such as tinting, scratch resistance and endurance.  We offer press polished vinyl in clear, green, charcoal and smoke so that the desirable optics can be obtained.

Press Polished for Awning & Recreation

Continental press polished sheets are perfect for premium restaurant enclosures and awning applications.  With an average shrinkage value of less than 1%, superior optical clarity without view distortion and excellent color retention, our press polished vinyl is the solution that many industrial manufacturers seek.

Personal Protection Equipment

Continental press polished clear vinyl sheet is the optimum choice of producers of personal protection equipment.  The optical clarity, chemical resistance and flame resistance makes it a reliable product in the production of protective masks, containment hoods, clean rooms and other industrial applications.  The PPE press polished clear vinyl is offered in individual sheets in a variety of thicknesses and dimensions.

Press Polished for ATV & Recreational Vehicles

Continental is a top supplier to the automotive industry and brings its expertise to other transportation markets such as recreational, all-terrain and utility vehicles. We off¬er press polished vinyl to the fabricators manufacturing soft top enclosures, weather-resistant panels and windows, as well as other specialized custom applications. The high durability and scratch-resistant features of Continental press polished vinyl is a perfect choice for vehicles being used in rugged environments.

Clear Vinyl Cleaning Kits now available

Keep that clear vinyl clear!  Specially formulated cleaning products that can be used safely on our clear vinyl are now available through select distributors.  We’ve come up with the best cleaning solution to keep scratches, clouding and chemical damage from occurring.  Suntan lotions, fuel vapors, dirt and even rain can make your view distorted.  Protect your clear vinyl today using the easy 1, 2, 3 steps.

For more information download "Cleaning Kit" data sheet or contact Miami Corp. 800-543-0448.

Additional information:

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