Gas Holder Diaphragms

Temporary storage of converter and blast furnace gas in steel plants

Gas holder diaphragms are used in Wiggins gas holders in steel plants for the temporary storage of converter and blast furnace gases.


  • With a thickness of 2.2 mm, the diaphragms are extremely low-permeating and resistant to temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C
  • The multi-axial polyamide layer is used as reinforcing material, delivering great flexibility and high strength
  • More than 200,000 strokes, service life of over 10 years

Gas Holder Diaphragms


A reciprocating piston moves up and down in the gas holder, adjusting the stored volume to the fill volume and keeping the gas at working pressure.

In all states of movement, Continentals diaphragm maintains a tight seal between the gas-holder wall and the piston.

Material used

Multi-axial layer, coated on both sides with nitrile rubber

  • Weft angles of diagonal threads can be specified
  • Absorption of forces from all intended directions
  • Full tensile force in each thread
  • Warp, weft and angle can be adjusted

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