Product Range

    • Gas Holder Diaphragms
      Gas Holder Diaphragms

      Extremely low-permeating and temperature-resistant diaphragms for use in Wiggins gas holders in steel plants.

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    • Steam Accumulator Diaphragms
      Steam Accumulator Diaphragms

      Steam accumulator diaphragms for the reduction of pollutant emissions and energy costs in tank systems within the mineral oil industry.

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    • Sewer Gas Diaphragms
      Sewer Gas Diaphragms

      High tensile strength, flexibility and media resistance for the safe temporary storage of fermentation gas and biogas for use as fuel for heat recovery.

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    • Diaphragms for Various Types of Gas and Steam
      Diaphragms for Various Types of Gas and Steam

      Combination of a wide variety of base materials to develop optimal solutions for special areas of application.

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