Sewer Gas Diaphragms

Temporary storage of fermentation gas and biogas

Sewer gas diaphragms are used for the temporary storage of fermentation gas and biogas, which are used as fuel for heat recovery or steam generation.


  • High tensile strength, high flexibility, high media resistance, resistant to temperatures from -25°C to +70°C
  • Highly impermeable to gases
  • Unlike cold-bonded diaphragms, no weak points appear in the seam when exposed to condensate
  • Many years’ service life (more than 100,000 strokes)


A reciprocating piston moves up and down in the sewer gas holder, adjusting the stored volume to the fill volume and keeping the gas at working pressure.
In all states of movement, ContiTech's diaphragm maintains a tight seal between the gas-holder wall and the piston.

Material used

  • Reinforcing material manufactured from high-strength, low-stretch polyamide or polyester fabric
  • Fabric coated on both sides with chloroprene-base rubber

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