The modern classic for premium car interiors

The Acella® product brand stands for more than 125 years of innovation. As a high-quality imitation leather with a realistic-looking grain, Acella® continues to impress today as a first-class surface material for automotive interiors.

Its strengths? Not only the usual excellent chemical resistance, high scratch resistance and abrasion resistance, but also the ever smaller ecological footprint!

Sustainability first – a smart move

Continental has set itself the goal of creating surface solutions that are 100 percent climate-neutral. For the Acella® product brand, this means that the surface can be manufactured with up to 50 percent bio-based raw materials and a recycled content of up to 30 percent.

The result? CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 35 percent compared to the conventional Acella® variant. This means that the imitation leather improves the eco-balance of the entire vehicle and thus paves the way for greater sustainability.


Acella® considerably reduces carbon footprint

The classic Acella® can be manufactured in a variety of customized solutions. Based on the respective design, different PCF values (PCF = product carbon footprint) result, which provide information on how climate-friendly a product is.

Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

Acella® as a drop-in solution

Another plus of the sustainable Acella® variants: Without compromising on quality and performance, the climate-friendly designs can be easily integrated into existing production processes. No special adjustments are required to use the sustainable Acella® variants.

Product Benefits

  • cost-efficient decorative material
  • available in a wide range of designs
  • free from plasticizers that may pose a danger to the human reproductive system
  • free from heavy-metal-based stabilizers
  • can be labeled low-emission

Material Design

  • Structure: Coated textile
  • Thickness: 0.8 mm - 1.4 mm
  • Application: Seat covering/head rest, instrument panel, doors/sides/center console
  • Material backing: Polyurethane / polyolefin foam
  • Processing: Sewing, gluing, back-injection molding

Material Design

1 | Lacquer finish

2 | Compact layer

3 | Foam layer

4 | Textile backing

One material, numerous designs

The Acella® surface material is also available in the following finishes: