Benova® Eco Protect

Stays in shape even when the heat is on

Specially developed for demanding premium applications in vehicle interiors, Benova® Eco Protect impresses not only with outstanding aging resistance and light fastness, but also with a particularly soft and luxurious feel. Thanks to its excellent heat and UV resistance, Benova® Eco Protect withstands high temperatures and strong sunlight in vehicle interiors, thus offering completely new possibilities for interior design trends, such as light colors on demanding surfaces.

Benova® Eco Protect

Benova® Eco Protect – a true milestone in sustainable surfaces

Vegan – approved by PETA

On the road to sustainable vehicle interiors, Benova® Eco Protect represents an important milestone: Due to its special composition, the material is extremely resistant and durable. By consistently avoiding critical ingredients, plasticizers and solvents, the vegan imitation leather is particularly low-emission and low-odor.

Depending on the design, Benova® Eco Protect can be equipped with a textile backing made of up to 100 percent rPET. This results in a recycled raw material content of up to 40 percent for the entire product. In addition, Benova® Eco Protect offers a weight advantage of around 20 percent compared with standard Benova®.

Benova® Eco Protect considerably reduces carbon footprint

Benova® Eco Protect can be manufactured in a variety of customized solutions. Based on the respective design, different PCF values (PCF = product carbon footprint) result, which provide information on how climate-friendly a product is.

Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

German Innovation Award “Winner”

The German Innovation Award honors innovative achievements that break new ground through their added value. The award is presented by the German Design Council.

A distinguished jury selected Benova® Eco Protect from 640 entries as the “Winner“ as an innovation that advances the industry through its originality, implementation and effectiveness.

Benova® Eco Protect received the coveted award in the “Excellence in Business to Business“ class in the Materials & Surfaces category.

Benova® Eco Protect as drop-in solution

Another plus of the sustainable Benova® variants? Without compromising on quality and performance, the climate-friendly designs can easily be integrated into existing production processes. No special adjustments are required to process the sustainable Benova® variants.

Product Benefits

  • Unique quality and comfort, thanks to its particularly soft feel
  • Excellent aging resistance and fastness to light for both light and dark colors
  • Excellent heat and UV resistance
  • Has a lower Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) than the standard Benova.
  • Free from materials of animal origin, plasticizers, solvents and other critical ingredients
  • Particularly low in emissions and odor
  • 20% weight saving on comparable materials
  • High design flexibility

Material Design

  • Design: Cover material
  • Thickness: 0.9 mm – 4.3 mm
  • Application: Instrument panel, doors/sides/center console, seat covering/head rest
  • Material backing: Textile, polyurethane foam/sandwich foam/spacer fabric
  • Processing: Sewing, gluing, back-injection molding


1 | Lacquer finish

2 | Compact layer

3 | Foam layer

4 | Textile backing