Surface Material for Seat Covers

    Product Range

    • Acella®

      With their “genuine leather technology”, Acella® surface materials demonstrate particularly impressive abrasion characteristics.

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    • Acella® Eco green
      Acella® Eco green

      The low-emission and low-odor Acella® Eco green ensures good interior air quality and helps to protect the global climate.

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    • Acella® Eco natural
      Acella® Eco natural

      Manufactured from up to 50% renewable raw materials. Suitable for permanent contact with the skin.

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    • Acella® Go!
      Acella® Go!

      The cost-effective decorative material for automobile interiors has been specifically developed for the premium sector.

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    • Acella® Protect
      Acella® Protect

      This material impresses with its superior cracking resistance when exposed to extremely cold temperatures.

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    • Acella® Light
      Acella® Light

      The material is 20% lighter in weight than comparable standard surface materials.

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    • Benova®

      This high-quality surface for interior use is resistant to aging and abrasion.

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    • Nobelis™

      The high-quality surface that offers a real alternative to leather.

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    • Nobelis™ Protect
      Nobelis™ Protect

      Exclusive appearance and ultra-luxurious feel.

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    • laif® VyP Nappa
      laif® VyP Nappa

      With its active breathing properties, laif® VyP Nappa opens up whole new dimensions of comfort, as it is permeable to both air and vaporized moisture.

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