Electronic Air Spring Damping System

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  • Electronic Air Spring Damping System: revolutionary air spring and damping module

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For agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles and trucks, the “Electronic Air Spring Damping System” is the future standard of cab suspension for commercial vehicles. As an integrated system, it offers tremendous advantages for manufacturers, operators and, most importantly,  the driver.

The technological quantum leap in comparison with current solutions can be seen in three areas:

Design: revolutionary air spring and damping module

The centerpiece of the system is a new suspension and damping component that combines an air spring and an air damper in one module. Unlike conventional systems with an air spring and a hydraulic damper, the new Electronic Air Spring Damping System works exclusively with air – and not with oil. This is good for the environment.

As a purely air-based system, the module is also more robust, less temperature-sensitive and more durable. This reduces maintenance costs.

But the biggest advantage is for the driver. Thanks to air suspension, he enjoys the unparalleled ride comfort of frequency-selective and load-adaptive damping. This means that regardless of the terrain of the field, the building site or the road or how heavy the cab is, the driver's workplace is always optimally sprung and damped.

Functionality: exceptional comfort and height-leveling functions

The new air spring and damping module features an integrated sensor. Moreover, all four cab suspension modules are interconnected. And this allows the driver to adjust completely new leveling functions, with which he can adapt his cab to a wide range of situations:

  • One-sided lowering of the cab at the factory gate.

  • Improved aerodynamics through lowering the cab when driving at high speeds.

  • Tilting of the cab in order to better reach difficult-to-access areas.

  • Compensating for unevenness – ideal for restful sleep, even on uneven parking lots.

Big data: unlimited possibilities for smart connectivity

The sensors in the air spring modules continuously capture data – for example on spring travel, load cycles, temperatures, and compressed air consumption. With this data, operators can greatly increase the efficiency of their vehicles, for example by determining precisely which routes are most sparing on the equipment and driver. Or when which maintenance operations are required (predictive maintenance).

There are practically no limits to smart digital individualization by the customer.