Hydro Bodymount for SUVs, Vans & Light Trucks

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Do you know the California Freeway Hop? No, it is not the latest trendy dance move from the kids. It is what happens when body-on-frame vehicles have soft mounts at the C pillar and the high energy of the frame leads the cab to literally bounce when excited by road inputs. The reason is simple: The frame comes with a natural beaming frequency of 7 to 14 Hz. Unless dampened at four times the rate of a typical hydro engine mount, this effect can cause significant discomfort for both passengers and load.

The hydraulic technology with its cycling fluids reduces the measured vibration by up to 50% and more and is typically used in

  • Light trucks,
  • SUVs,
  • Pickup trucks and
  • Potentially vans, RVs and other small commercial vehicles.

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Hydro Bodymount

The Two-Piece Hydro Bodymount has been the tried and tested solution for many years with a proven design and wide tuning flexibility through various upper cushions.

With its compact one-piece design, the new product was developed to reduce the number of components, ease assembly for manufacturers and offer a wide range of design options with various high-performance materials.