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 Auxiliary Systems

Auxiliary Systems

    Product Range

    • Traction Links
      Traction Links

      This auxiliary system fulfills complex force transmission jobs as well as providing acoustic and vibration isolation.

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    • Lateral Bumper
      Lateral Bumper

      Lateral bumpers are used to limit travel and transmit forces between the bogie and the vehicle body.

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    • Coupling Articulation
      Coupling Articulation

      Coupling articulation is used to join two vehicle units in a manner that allows for axial movement & conical rotation when cornering. It is capable of withstanding longitudinal movements resulting ...

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    • Wheelset Springs
      Wheelset Springs

      Wheelset springs divide the vehicle wheels into an outer wheel tire and an inner wheel disc. They minimize shocks emanating from the rail track and allow for low-noise running.

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    • Bushes / Spherical Bearings
      Bushes / Spherical Bearings

      Guide elements play a key role in guiding the wheelset.

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    • Links with Bushes
      Links with Bushes

      Links with bushes for the anti-roll system fulfill complex force transmission tasks, while also providing acoustic and vibration isolation.