Lateral Bumper

The buffer acts as a shock absorber between two moving parts.

In operation, the buffer normally is unloaded, coming into contact only under certain circumstances which depend on the design and the application.


Lateral buffers that limit the lateral movement of the car body in order to ensure necessary clearances.
Vertical bumpstops limiting the deflection inside a conical spring or a coil spring.

Lateral Bumper


  • Soft stop
  • Absorption of shocks / damping
  • Limiting movements elastically, e.g. between the bogie and the car body
  • Increases ride comfort and safety
  • Ensures to meet the space envelope under all circumstances / not to exceed clearances
  • Long product lifetime
  • No maintenance required


  • As stand-alone part, e.g. to limit movements inside the bogie
  • In combination with other components, e.g. conical spring or coil spring as internal limit stop