Rolling Lobe Air Spring

Rolling lobe air springs are used in extremely confined spaces in tram bogies and low-floor bogies.

As an elastic link between the bogie  and railcar body, air bellows distance the railcar body to the platform and absorb track irregularities by minimising the transmission of vibrations.

Rolling Lobe Air Spring


  • Compact design
  • Heigh load capacity (load / diameter)
  • Reduced number of parts (no bead ring)


  • Diameter: ~ø450-750mm
  • Vertical loads: up to 140kN
  • Lateral deflection: up to ±100mm (in air spring system)
  • Operating pressure range: 2-7 bar
  • Operating temperature: -45°C (-50°C) up to +65°C (+70°C)
  • Some types available in EN 45545  (fire & smoke protected)