Confine™ Pipe Conveyor Belt

Steel cord conveyor belts

Confine pipeDesigned to withstand the stresses of abusive applications, especially around tight curves, the Confine™ pipe conveyor belt from Continental is both steel and textile reinforced, enabling it to meet the most demanding requirements of various pipe conveyor systems and to deliver a lower cost-per-ton conveyed.
Our Confine™ pipe conveyor belts increase productivity and reduce downtime, making them ideal for mining, timber and construction industries.

Benefits & Features

  • Provides dust free transport of materials
  • Long-term transverse stiffness
  • Available in 7 diameter sizes
  • Excellent overlap seal
  • Minimises seam rotation in curves
  • Reduced buckling
  • FEA Designs for predictive performance


  • Copper
  • Pulp & paper
  • Coal
  • Limestone
  • Glass
  • Rock
  • Iron Ore
  • Steel
  • Fly ash
  • Wood chips
  • Cement
  • Wet ash
  • Diamond
  • Gravel

Unique pipe design

Confine™ pipe conveyor belts provide dust free transport of materials due to its closed belt ‘pipe’ design, and protect transported materials from damaging external elements like wind and rain. Unlike conventional conveyor belts, the Confine™ pipe conveyor belt uses the most innovative and advanced technology that helps to prevent common conveyor belt issues such as:

  • Fatigue-induced collapse of the pipe shape
  • Opening of the overlap seal
  • Downward rotation of the overlap seal

Confine™ is available in the following sizes

Diameter Belt Width Type
(mm) (Inch) (mm) (Inch) Fabric Steel
150 5.9 600 23.6 x  
200 7.9 780 30.7 x  
250 9.8 1000 39.4 x  
300 11.8 1100 43.3 x x
350 13.8 1300 51.2 x x
400 15.7 1600 36.0 x x
500 19.7 1900 74.8   x

Belt construction

Confine™ pipe conveyor belts are developed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modelling which enables the prediction of how specific belt designs will perform in various applications – drastically reducing downtime!
 With comprehensive research, including dynamic belt testing to validate the FEA, we have the capacity to create belts to withstand the strains of a long haul, minimising downtime and increasing your profit margins!