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    Electrically conductive hoses line

  • MFS-fuel-krummer.jpg

    Curved fuel hose

  • MFS-fuel-CNG_LPG.jpg

    Hose lines for gas applications (CNG/LPG)

  • MFS-fuel-wasserstoff.jpg

    Hydrogen line with special barrier layer

Noise reduction solutions for fuel systems

High volume hoses absorb pressure-induced vibrations, thereby enhancing driving comfort.

  • Noise reduction
  • Reduction of pressure peaks
  • Inside hose diameter: DN 7.5/9.5/11.5 mm
    Further dimensions available upon request
  • Pressure range up to 10 bar
  • OEM releases

Fuel supply

    Product Range for Alternative Fuels

    • Lines for CNG & LPG
      Lines for CNG & LPG

      Hose lines for the alternative fuels, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

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    • Hydrogen Fuel Lines
      Lines for Gaseous Hydrogen

      The transportation of gaseous hydrogen requires flexible lines that are completely gas tight.

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    Product Range for OE Fuel Supply Hoses

    • Flexshield 5412 SAE J1527 Marine Fuel Hose
      Flexshield 5412 SAE J1527 Marine Fuel Hose

      NEW construction! Designed for fuel feed and vent applications on marine pleasure craft. Nylon barrier meets new EPA.

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    • SAE 30R6
      SAE 30R6

      Specially designed low-pressure hose for gas and gas/ethanol blends in carbureted vehicle applications. Resists gas, oil and diesel fuel.

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    • SAE 30R9 DIN 73379-3D Fuel Injection Hose
      SAE 30R9 DIN 73379-3D Fuel Injection Hose

      SAE 30R9 is a medium-pressure, low-permeation fuel injection hose.

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